Saturday, December 18, 2010

Learning about food allergies at a young age

Merry Christmas from my family to yours! May your holidays be filled with joy and love!

I'm writing tonight because I received an email today from a friend. Our children go to school together. She asked "R. would like to make a little treat for her friends, and we're wondering if you could okay these ingredients for S." I was immediately struck by the simple sweetness of it. One of my daughter's friends "gets it". She didn't want her friend to feel left out and so she asked her mom to write me. For years I've just sent in comparable things. (That is if I KNEW about it before hand.) Grant it the main things weren't safe, but the simple fact that she was trying to include her friend in the treats was what made me smile. I offered to send in something comparable as usual, but she said not to worry, R. would make sure that S. could have it. Teaching them young to learn about the importance of food allergies.... :)

Just and FYI the list was as follows: Rice Krispies (not safe, malt flavoring), Kraft caramels (safe), peanuts (safe), Nestles chocolate chips (safe), Nestles butterscotch chips (NOT safe! btw, I did not know that!!! it has barley protein in it!).

~Keep fighting the safe food fight!